In 1912, Sylvie adores her lifelong hobbies and writes the graphic details in her red journal. Stealing pocket watches, maiming animals, and killing Billy Jenkins are but a few of her joyful memories.

 While other women attend socials, Sylvie spends her time in a shack of powerful secrets, soaking up arcane knowledge and performing depraved acts. Her life is perfect until she catches consumption—a deadly illness that she knows will kill her.

Furious at this cruel twist of fate and determined to keep her malevolent power and knowledge, Sylvie turns to black magic.

Using a sinister book called Locum Tenens, Sylvie collects obscene ingredients and performs an occult spell. A spell that will take Sylvie’s spirit out of her dying body and send it into the future and into another body.

In 2012, a woman named Bridgette takes a simple nap. While she sleeps, she is unknowingly caught in Sylvie’s depraved spell. Bridgette awakens to a confusing situation. She is in another woman’s body and she is now in 1912.

With the red journal as her only clue, Bridgette scours the pages for answers. But the deeper she delves, the more horror she uncovers. Not only does she discover she’s been plunged into the dying body of a woman called ‘Sylvie’, she also discovers Sylvie’s unspeakable past. At best, Sylvie is a deranged, murderous sociopath. At worst, she is a vile, malicious demon.

 Bridgette is desperate to return to the year 2012. But, she is deathly ill and losing strength. Despite the odds, Bridgette vows to never give up her search to reverse the spell. Because she alone knows the awful truth about Sylvie. And Bridgette must find a way to stop her.

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